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New Proposed Fees to Fund Environmental Initiatives

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We are taking a break from the more fascinating news of emerging environmental contaminants, environmental enforcement, vapor intrusion, and environmental forensics to look at … garbage. And when it comes to disposal of garbage, compared to neighboring states and Ontario, Michigan is a relative bargain. The State of Michigan currently charges a meager $0.36 per ton of solid-waste tipping fee to “dump” at a landfill in Michigan.  In the surrounding states, the price range for disposal is between $0.60 and $13.00 per ton; the average is $5.30...

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10-Second Environmental Compliance Check Up

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If you have an immediate question about an environmental compliance issue, or would like us to address a specific environmental compliance issue, contact Matthew Schroeder, P.E. at 248-932-0228, ext. 117.   Environmental Compliance Tips 2018 April SQG Reporting When does the “re-notification requirement” for Small Quantity Generators (SQG) begin? In 2021 (September 1st), SQGs will be required to a submit EPA Form 8700-12. This form provides notification to the EPA, or state if authorized under RCRA, regarding your hazardous waste...

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Environmental Compliance: Increased Costs, 2017 Summary, and Recent Fines

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The hot environmental topics over the last several months have been related to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and vapor intrusion (VI).  But as every “seasoned” environmental manager knows, the environmental constants are compliance and enforcement.  Below is a brief update on compliance and enforcement developments. Cost for Non-Compliance Increases Again Last year, we shared that the cost of non-compliance had gone up fairly substantially.  In some cases, the potential penalties more than doubled.  For example, the Clean Air Act...

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Environmental Forensics

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What is “environmental forensics,” and could it help bring clarity to your current site assessment or remediation effort?  Could forensic tools be helpful in your environmental litigation case?  In this previously-recorded webinar below, you might find the answers to these questions. Environmental Investigations Traditional environmental investigations often try to answer the basic objectives of a site investigation:  Was there a release?  What was released?  How much was released? Environmental Forensic Investigations Forensic...

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PFAS Challenges, Concerns, and Developments

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They are often called an “emerging contaminant.”  They have been used in the manufacturing process to make cookware, clothes, shoes, furniture, and food packaging; they are also used in fire-fighting foams.  As a result, they are pervasive in the environment and are detected in the blood serum of virtually everyone in the developed world.  And at some level, yet to be determined, they pose a human health and environmental risk.  They are per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and they are a top priority for environmental...

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2017: A Year of Substantial Environmental Changes

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This past year was a year of transition at the federal level as a new administration began to shape their vision for environmental management.  As this new vision unfolded, we saw significant, and potentially substantive, changes for the regulated community. Notable Environmental Developments We saw (1) considerable changes in how Superfund is addressed, (2) amendments to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, (3) changes to (Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act) SARA Tier I and II reporting, and (4) battles over CERCLA/EPCRA...

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Superfund Sites Getting Immediate and Intense Action

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Resolving to solve impasses that have delayed progress on a short list of Superfund Sites, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released their list of sites that will be, “targeted for immediate and intense action.” We mentioned this new focus on Superfund Sites in our November 10, 2017 blog, “Transforming Superfund.”  This focus is a result of the recommendation by the Superfund Taskforce from the last summer (2017). List of 21 Superfund Sites To Get Attention The list of 21 sites includes Mohawk Tannery in New...

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Environmental Enforcement Eye Opener

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Admittedly, the exciting work in “our world” is peer reviewing complex soil and groundwater projects and providing litigation support for those projects. Emerging and developing issues such as vapor intrusion and per- and poly-flouoroalkyl substances are also real attention getters. However, the constant (though never static) in the environmental world is environmental compliance and enforcement.  It’s one of the reasons we provide monthly environmental compliance reminders. Environmental Enforcement at What Company? If you don’t think...

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Transforming Superfund?

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One of the areas that is getting attention under the new administration is the Superfund program (a.k.a., The Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act, CERCLA). Having a long history in the environmental business, I have witnessed what was generally a good idea, cleaning up the nation’s past environmental sins, become a very sluggish bureaucratic program.  It is widely recognized that progress on Superfund sites has been slow (if at all), leaving some of the nation’s highest priority sites on the National Priorities List (NPL)...

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EPA’s Latest Draft Strategic Plan

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The direction of the EPA under the new administration has been on the mind of the regulated community, as well as environmental groups, for several months.  Following the submittal of the Draft FY 2018-2022 EPA Strategic Plan, we are getting a better idea of this direction. The most public of the changes is related to climate change.  In fact, if you compare the 2014-2018 EPA Strategic Plan (climate change mentioned first among their goals) to the current Draft Strategic Plan, this is an obvious change, as the EPA has eliminated the focus on...

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