Dragun Difference

Environmental Consulting for Results

Every facet of our business is based around designing a plan of action that meets your objectives, limits your liability, and solves your problem in a efficient and practical manner. What distinguishes Dragun Corporation from the crowd?


When you engage Dragun Corporation, you have immediate and unfettered access to the top names in the field of environmental consulting. Our senior consultants have years of service and include Ph.D.-level scientists and engineers, university professors, authors and providers of expert courtroom testimony, as well as earning numerous continuing certifications in agronomy, geology, hazardous waste management, environmental management, and other disciplines. Dragun consultants have taught more than 3,000 environmental professionals from 1,500 industries, 150 U.S., Canadian, and foreign government agencies, 100 consulting firms, and 300 law firms.


Dozens of the world’s most influential organizations count on Dragun for scientific and regulatory expertise and advice across a wide range of environmental projects. That’s because our consultants are not just top-level scientists and engineers – they are also skilled, “real world” advisors who understand business risk and client objectives. More than 2,000 projects for clients like Norway’s largest industrial conglomerate, Germany’s largest chemical company, the United Nations, the State of Kuwait, and the People’s Republic of China attest to Dragun’s sterling reputation – and the same level of service extends to countless U.S. and Canadian businesses in the manufacturing, chemical, petroleum, and insurance industries, as well as municipalities.


We believe that every successful project rests on thorough analysis of the data. That is why we have an uncompromising commitment to critical analysis of every piece of data associated with a project. No stone is left unturned by our expert consultants, who take the time to question every statement, cross-validate every piece of information, and apply high-level assessment to determining the right course of action to take. Inevitably, the best answer is discovered, and we ensure that all stakeholders are on the “same page” to gain the best outcome possible.


No two challenges are alike, and neither are their solutions. Dragun Corporation encourages innovation and creativity to solve our clients’ problems. You won’t find a “cookie cutter” approach here – instead, every project is met with an individual, customized plan of action. We build a conceptual model that reduces the environmental issue to its fundamentals. From there, we identify critical paths to the solution, including various technical approaches, costs, business effects, and regulatory consequences.

Results matter for environmental consulting

Each project undertaken at Dragun Corporation is focused on results. Results like finding glaring technical errors that would have jeopardized a drinking water supply. Results that gave our clients opportunities to demand tens of millions of dollars in compensation. Results like data analysis leading to clear and concise conceptual models that are crucial to court decisions. Keeping you compliant, operational, and profitable is our “end game,” and it’s a strategy that works: to date, our expertise and efforts have helped our clients save millions of dollars and provided them peace of mind.


“Dragun has proven again they are far ahead of its competition by using a good balance of technical expertise, analytical capabilities and negotiating skills.” – Craig M. Swoish, Vice President and General Manager, Lamina