Environmental Consulting Solutions by Industry


Never “off the shelf”


Decades of successful service to North American and global industry has taught us no two industries or companies are identical and each one requires unique advice.

Your needs are too specific, and the stakes are too high, to trust an “off-the-shelf” approach to environmental consulting. We typically begin with a peer review – that is, digging into the data in your current environmental investigation or remediation to search out mistakes, omissions, and weaknesses that are draining your money. Our record of starting with a peer review then implementing an environmental solution with tangible results, is remarkable. These peer reviews to successful solution stories form the foundation of Dragun’s worldwide reputation for excellence.


Dragun Corporation environmental consulting


Environmental consulting for Municipalities

From public-health risk to public-relations fiasco, the stakes are high for municipalities engaged in environmental remediation. You can’t afford to put your communities’ interests at risk by using an average consultant – or one that relies on work from state or federal regulators. Instead, look to our proven experts for environmental peer review, litigation support, site assessment and remediation, compliance, and management of high-risk sites, like formerly used defense sites and complex landfills. Unlike most consultants, we work for you – never for a state or federal regulator.

Environmental consulting for Agriculture

Agriculture is increasingly facing environmental pressures and concerns from regulators and stakeholders. These Agricultural-Environmental issues include management of nutrients, management of water, potential impact from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and many more.

Dragun has consulted on these “Ag-Environmental” issues for decades, providing strategic advice on environmental permitting, nitrates in groundwater and surface water, PFAS, groundwater supply, regulatory negotiations, and litigation support.

Environmental consulting for Chemical Producers

Chemical companies face unique and dynamic issues related to environmental compliance, assessment, and remediation. For more than 25 years, Dragun has been successfully serving North American and global chemical companies. This long-term track record speaks to our senior staffs’ depth of expertise and experience in peer review, site characterization and remediation, compliance, and more. Whatever your environmental needs, you have skilled, credible advisors helping you towards environmental solutions.

Environmental consulting for Commercial Real Estate

Contaminated properties have often needlessly compromised many companies plans for growth. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you need an advisor who can put the technical and regulatory issues into proper perspective – that’s our job. Dragun’s staff of Masters- and PhD-level geologists, scientists, and engineers prepare world-class Phase I/II environmental site assessments, you need to make the best, practical, informed business decisions.

Environmental consulting for Petroleum

Perhaps no other industry is held to the level of public scrutiny that the petroleum industry is – so when environmental “events” threaten or occur, the consequences go far beyond just the cost of liability. That’s why some of the biggest names in petroleum worldwide have contracted Dragun for access to an industry-proven team of senior-level geologists, chemists and hazardous waste managers whose work in the field and advice in the conference room has saved clients significant time and money in site characterization, remediation, compliance, decommissioning and closure.

Environmental consulting for Manufacturing

Not all environmental consultants are created equal – and if yours is missing the mark on compliance, site assessment or remediation, you could end up paying thousands or millions more than needed. Dragun’s services to manufacturers focus on keeping your company a step ahead of the ever-changing environmental regulations, avoiding unnecessary remediation, and providing you with practical advice.

Environmental consulting for Insurance Industry

Insurance claims tied to environmental issues can get very expensive, very quickly. Whether you are already in litigation or want to avoid litigation, call on Dragun’s senior environmental experts. Our background includes investigation of co-mingled plumes, landfills, long-term chemical and petroleum releases, and sudden releases as the result of accidents – and the results for our clients have been exemplary cost savings.

Environmental consulting for Waste Management

Landfills present a significant challenge from permitting and planning to understanding geological and hydrogeological conditions, assessment of potential releases, and litigation. Dragun has solved complex landfill issues since 1988; we’ve even developed a patented process for addressing landfill leachate.

Environmental consulting for Transportation Industry

Transportation companies can find themselves bogged down in complicated compliance and permitting issues or worse, face fines and penalties for being out of compliance. Dragun, your permitting and planning advisor, provides exceptional environmental expertise for the transportation industry, which is why we’re the “go to” consultants for one of the nation’s largest trucking firms.