Environmental Consulting for the Petroleum Industry

The very utterance of “groundwater contamination” or environmental compliance violation is enough to cause environmental health officers and managers to shudder. The time, expense, and public relations fallout that accompany environmental “events” are never good things.

Minimizing risk, downtime, and expense is part of what you expect from senior environmental advisors. When you join forces with Dragun Corporation, you benefit from access to an industry-proven team ready to deliver a cost-effective, time-sensitive, and effective approach based on our decades of service to the petroleum industry.

Our roster of satisfied clients includes:

  • Canadian Tire
  • Gibson Energy
  • Avfuel
  • Mobil
  • The Government of Kuwait

… and our senior staff is largely comprised of PhD and masters level environmental engineers, geologists, and hazardous waste managers who also serve as university professors, authors and expert environmental witnesses. We’ll put all that expertise to work for your project!


Count on Dragun for …

Peer review of your current site assessment and remediation efforts. Our past peer reviews have focused efforts, reduced unnecessary work, eliminated unneeded remediation, and led to faster closure.

When your business is on the line, you can count on Dragun Corporation to solve the problem, meet your specific objectives and protect the environment. Contact Matt Schroeder for more information.

 “Your work relieved our staff of the burdensome (we thought impossible) task of closing each storage tank site. We firmly believe that the problems resolved at each site were accomplished because of the expertise and efforts of you and your staff.” – Ken Cloft, Plant Manager, Macomb County