Commercial Real Estate

Environmental Consulting for Industrial and Commercial
Real Estate

Industrial and commercial property acquisitions require strategic and well-planned environmental site assessments to facilitate transactions and to protect buyers and sellers.

With decades of proven expertise in site assessment and remediation driven by a multidisciplinary team of PhD and masters-level engineers, geologists, chemists, and waste management specialists, Dragun is uniquely qualified to help property buyers and sellers protect their investments, avoid potential liability and stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.


Step-by-step results

In the case of the Indiana entrepreneur, Dragun’s team did not blindly accept the multi-national corporation’s groundwater evaluation. Instead, we did our own evaluation.

  • Our analysis of the data indicated our client, the entrepreneur, was liable for only one-third, not all of, the damages, as the new owner claimed;
  • We proved the new owner’s forensic expert misinterpreted the hydrogeology and the forensics;
  • We successfully presented our findings in court and exposed the flaws in the new owner’s opinion.


Getting it right

The entrepreneur’s attorney’s faced a multi-million dollar Court ruling – they needed the best technical experts. They turned to Dragun.

We approach every project for every client the same way. First objectively evaluate the data using good science and our wealth of experience and training. Then present the data simply in a manner that the non-experts who need to make decisions can easily understand and quantify the environmental problems/risks.

Whether its Phase I/II assessments, site characterizations or expert services you require, you can count on Dragun Corporation to deliver comprehensive advice designed to mitigate the business risks of complex environmental issues while delivering practical and often innovative solutions that limit liability and provide rock solid results. Contact Jeff Bolin for more information.

“We know it’s no secret, your technical ability and industry knowledge at Dragun is second to none. However, your sensitivity to customer related details is far and away better than any environmental consulting firm we have worked with nationally.”
– Al Shulin, Vice President, Leasing Operations, Summit Property Corporation