Environmental Consulting Services for U.S. Manufacturers

Assessing new markets, building new Sites, evaluating potential merger/acquisitions and keeping up with global competition is tough enough. Add to this the ever changing environmental due diligence, environmental compliance, remediation, possible litigation and the bad press that accompanies environmental liabilities, and the challenges can become overwhelming.

The environmental consulting leader

For more than 25 years, Dragun Corporation has delivered remarkable results for U.S. manufacturing companies, chemical processing plants, food services and a range of other manufacturers.

Our clients look to Dragun for …

  • Peer review. Contrary to widespread belief, not all consultants are created equal. Those lacking advanced training, meaningful experience, and the right mindset could needlessly add thousands or even millions of dollars to your cost. Dragun’s peer review by senior staff uses critical analysis to review existing data, delivering a detailed report that focuses on key issues often missed by other environmental consultants.
  • Site assessment and remediation. From acquisition to closure, Dragun Corporation’s assessment and remediation is based around practical solutions. Rely on our senior staff of PhD- and Master -level engineers, chemists, and geologists to guide you by the shortest route to the most cost-effective results.
  • Compliance. Dragun is recognized for our expertise in interpreting today’s regulations and communicating the impact of those changes on facilities. This helps manufacturers avoid missed deadlines and getting into trouble with state and federal regulators.


In the case of the Michigan manufacturing client TRW that needed remediation for their RAP; we conducted a thorough peer review and noted the following:

The previous consultant installed a monitoring well network that was totally incapable of indicating whether or not subsurface oil was present. They got it completely wrong. We found:

  • They did not understand groundwater flow in general, let alone the Site-specific conditions.
  • The Site groundwater conditions involved minimal groundwater and only very small and very isolated areas of free oil. The previous consultant missed these “little” details and as a result, their second try at remediation worked, but was way over-engineered and much more expensive than needed.

Dragun used the useable historical data, conducted a limited investigation to complete the Site characterization, conferred with the State, and then prepared an appropriate RAP for the Site. The State accepted our RAP and ever since, our client has had minimal annual O&M costs.

Put Dragun’s expertise and over 25 years of innovative and practical results to work for you. Contact Matt Schroeder for more information.

“You and other members of your company have been very resourceful in finding ways to analyze the data from the soil and ground water to show that, in fact, the site is self remediating.” – James L. Calhoun, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, White Consolidated Industries