Agriculture & Other Clients


Environmental Consulting for Agriculture

Environmental regulators and special-interest groups are increasingly focusing their attention and efforts on agriculture.  As a result, there has been an increase in regulations and an increase in legal action against agriculture.  Dragun works closely with agriculture to help find workable and scientifically-sound solutions for agriculture that includes litigation support.

Our scientists evaluate the potential role of nutrients (nitrate and phosphorus) on local watersheds.  This includes identifying and differentiating the source of these nutrients (chemical v organic/manure), which can play a significant role in compliance and enforcement. Our niche expertise in using environmental isotopes (see environmental isotope video) has in some cases has been the difference in critical regulatory negotiations and litigation.  We represent farmers in complex, regulatory negotiations, as well as litigation support on CAFO permitting and expansion issues.

Dragun is an active member of the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) Environmental Issues Committee.  We worked with NMPF and USDA to develop the agriculture-specific Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plan template that was used nationwide.

We also work closely with cooperatives on a number of complex environmental and legislative issues.  This includes a long-term relationship with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Corporate and Regional Cooperatives, as well as work with Vermont Dairy Producers Alliance.

We also provide educational seminars and webinars for agriculture including, Investigating Nitrates in Groundwater Dragun has written for publications such as Hoards Dairyman, GreenStone Partners, Farm Credit, and Manure Manager.

Agricultural-Environmental Resources

With the increased focus on environmental issues in the agricultural sector, we have created an “Agricultural-Environmental Resources Page.”  We will update this page new information becomes available.

Other Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting for Insurance

Insurance claims tied to environmental issues can get very expensive, very quickly. Whether you are already in litigation or want to avoid litigation, call on Dragun’s senior environmental experts. Our background includes investigation of co-mingled plumes, landfills, long-term chemical and petroleum releases, and sudden releases as the result of accidents – and the results for our clients have been exemplary cost savings.

Environmental consulting for Landfills

Landfills present a significant challenge from permitting and planning to understanding geological and hydrogeological conditions, assessment of potential releases, and litigation. Dragun has solved complex landfill issues since 1988; we’ve even developed a patented process for addressing landfill leachate.

Environmental consulting for Transportation

Transportation companies can find themselves bogged down in complicated compliance and permitting issues or worse, face fines and penalties for being out of compliance. Dragun, your permitting and planning advisor, provides exceptional environmental expertise for the transportation industry, which is why we’re the “go to” consultants for one of the nation’s largest trucking firms.