Assessment and Remediation Resources

Along with our other resource pages, (PFAS Resources and Ag-Environmental Resources) this page is designed to help you better understand specific environmental issues and to help you monitor developments, with assessment and remediation of groundwater.

Understanding Groundwater Contamination Pre-Recorded Webinars

Poorly executed environmental site investigations can lead to failed remediation, incomplete environmental due diligence, and unnecessarily assuming environmental liability.

In this series of pre-recorded webinars (videos are shown in sequence below) we share, in some detail, what is necessary to understand groundwater contamination. You can view each of the webinars on this playlist on Dragun’s YouTube Page.

Session 1 Introduction

Session 2 Conceptual Site Models

Session 3 Interviews and Site Records

Session 4 Geology and Groundwater Basics

Session 5 Chemical Behavior in Groundwater

Session 6 Subsurface Investigation Basics

Session 7 High Resolution Environmental Investigation Tools

Session 8 Specialized Tools – Isotopes

Session 9 Introduction to Groundwater Modeling