Keys To Successful Environmental Remediation

In less than 8 minutes, here is what you will learn…

  1. Why so many remediation efforts will never work.
  2. Why environmental remediation is NOT based on what is in the subsurface.
  3. The step that can save you a lot of time and money yet is often overlooked.
  4. The dangers of the proverbial “black box”.
  5. What is and isn’t groundwater.
  6. The physical collection of the subsurface data (i.e. soil, groundwater, and chemistry data).
  7. The fundamentals of groundwater flow, including Darcy’s Law and a list of  10 potentially costly groundwater errors.
  8. The various factors that can affect how a contaminant moves in the subsurface.
  9. Considerations for the environmental remediation process.