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Innovative and practical

Unlike other environmental consulting companies, Dragun consultants act as advisors and do not choose standard, off-the-shelf approaches. Nor do we blindly follow what regulators recommend. Our job is to find solutions to complex environmental issues that keep our clients compliant, operating and profitable while minimizing their expenses and liabilities.

We don’t get paid for activity, we get paid for results.

Expert environmental consulting services firm

Uniquely equipped to solve complex problems

Dragun consultants are “genetically encoded” to perform critical analyses. We question every statement … cross-validate every fact … consider every perspective … then map every piece of information to understand and to find the best answer. We don’t stop until each piece of the puzzle fits together and we have delivered the best possible customized solution for your objectives.

Dragun Corporation services

Peer Review: Uncertain of where your project stands …exactly? If that describes you, the Dragun review team is ready to help. Our “30,000-foot view” of the environmental issues critiques each component. The result: projects once lacking focus and a clear endpoint are more narrowly focused … and resolved more quickly.

Expert Environmental Witness and Litigation: We’re not shrinking violets! Our expert services are grounded in a team of senior scientists and engineers. From PhD-level professors to published subject-matter experts, the Dragun team knows the importance of providing unbiased, scientifically-defensible data when providing expert environmental services…and that’s what we bring to every project.

Remediation/Site Assessment/Closure: Successful remediation efforts rest on thorough site assessments. We spend time up front assessing the site geology and hydrogeology. This allows us to evaluate and recommend the most appropriate remediation approach(s) for your specific site conditions. In some cases, we demonstrate why no remediation is necessary.

Compliance: Smooth out the permitting and planning process with compliance services that include SPCC Plans, RCRA hazardous waste contingency plans, NPDES permits, SWPPP, SARA reporting, etc… all designed to provide you with a turn-key approach.

Due Diligence: It’s not just about paperwork; environmental due diligence is a vital part of your overall business management. Phase I and Phase II services from Dragun Corporation are designed to help you protect your investment risk and put risk into perspective.

Environmental Consulting Service Firm

International environmental advising

When senior managers are responsible for facilities overseas, it can be frustrating when projects lose focus and lack clear objectives. Let Dragun bring that focus back, via a thorough review of work plans, proposed solutions and regulatory orders. We’ll ensure your documentation is scientifically sound and, when necessary, we’ll nudge the local consultant in the right direction and provide assistance negotiating with regulators to better protect your interests.


Dragun Corporation has 35 years of experience in assessing, managing and decommissioning Above-ground Storage Tanks (AST) and Underground Storage Tanks (UST) quickly and efficiently. Our senior team of engineers and environmental professionals has a breadth of experience including the storage, handling, and cleanup of petroleum products, solvents and wastes. Bring us your biggest challenge – this highly regulated area of environmental management is a Dragun specialty.

Water supply

The critical questions of clean and plentiful groundwater supplies must be addressed when you are unable to get your water supply from a publicly owned treatment works. Our senior team of hydrogeologists delivers assessment and recommendations. Whether it’s for a new residential development, a farming operation or a manufacturing facility – if you depend on groundwater, you need the Dragun method of critical assessment.