About Us

Vetting companies used to begin with a sales call, an advertisement, or some other marketing literature.  Not today.

Now, we search on line for reviews by customers.  We look at the first or even second page in an on-line search trying to find anything that might provide some insight on the company.  Maybe we start by reading some social media posts including their blog.

Ultimately, as consumers, we still ask ourselves the same question:  Who is the company, and should I even consider them?  Simple question, tough answer.

So, if you are here, maybe for the first time, you may be asking, “Why Dragun?”

First we can point out that our aim on every project is to live up to our tagline that is simply:  Principled Foundation | Thoughtful Advice | Smart Solutions

About our experience

But perhaps we can attempt to answer this is by way of anecdotes:

One such anecdote is about a client that stayed engaged with Dragun even when his new job took him several hundred miles across the county far from our office.  We continued to advise him (at his new company) at sites around the country.  He also called us when the EPA believed his new company was a PRP at a Superfund Site in the middle of the country (happily, we helped them avoid any “involvement”).

We can share with you how we helped one client on numerous projects for over 25 years. We assisted him with complicated merger/acquisitions, remediation efforts, and site closures on the east and west coast of the US (one project resulted in a seven-figure cost saving). This client sent us a letter thanking us for saving them money, and he stated that he truly enjoyed working with us.

Other clients have asked us to assist them in foreign countries because they told us, quite simply, they trusted we would look after their interests.

We’ve assisted our clients in solving numerous challenging projects including

Our “Secret”

Our secret formula isn’t making sure we are using the latest and greatest technology (though we love technology).  Our secret is much more basic: it’s about the human element.

We have clients that have been with us nearly as long as we have been in business (we opened in 1988).  Yes, we do take pride in our scientific and regulatory knowledge, but we like to think we have very practical knowledge which helps us find very practical solutions.

We take great care in hiring really exceptional people and keeping them.  Our project managers have decades of  experience, and on average, they have spent a majority of those years here at Dragun.  We really do play together well, and we work together even better.

The other aspect of our success is that we approach every project with a “litigation mindset.”  When the late Dr. James Dragun founded the company in 1988, it was established as a expert services firm. Since day one, we have provided expert environmental services up to and including providing expert testimony in the courtroom.  So whether we are providing environmental due diligence, environmental compliance, or soil and groundwater assessment/remediation, we do so with scientific rigor – because any project can end in litigation.

Consistency and Results

So, why Dragun?  Because we will offer consistency in your project management, advice that will help you avoid unnecessary headaches, and proven solutions that really have saved our clients millions of dollars – and, according to our parents, we’re nice people.

We hope you will consider engaging our team whether in our US office or our Canadian office.  We would be happy to share with you many more anecdotes about how we have helped our clients find solutions.  Give us a call, or let us know if you want to chat over a cup of coffee… We like meeting new people and always love a good, technical challenge.

About our health and safety measures

Safety is the responsibility of all our associates – managers, supervisors, and our environmental consulting experts. The Dragun Corporation is committed to providing a safe workplace consistent with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To that end, we take every reasonable effort to eliminate the hazards that cause accidents and injuries. Safe practices and procedures are defined in our site-specific Health and Safety Plans and Standard Operation Procedures for all associates to follow.

About how we “give back”

The staff of Dragun Corporation takes pride in supporting the communities in which we live and serve.

Our associates across the board “give back” by regularly volunteering time and resources to charitable and nonprofit organizations, including American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, Food Banks, local Emergency Services, Hospitals, and more.

“I want to thank you for the consistently excellent quality of work that your company has done for a large number of our clients. It has been distressing to…review sloppy environmental assessment reports based on inadequate investigations by other firms; consequently, good work like yours is particularly welcome.” – Jack Shumate, Attorney Butzel Long