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“For forensic work, I would start with Dragun, and I would recommend others do as well.” – Lawyer

Environmental Expert Witness Services

The question of “who pays?” is a sensitive one for companies embroiled in litigation and high-stakes negotiations. When faced with settlement fees, court judgements, or fines tied to environmental issues, you need a team that has the scientific “chops” to successfully challenge questionable allegations. Whether they be from state or federal regulators, mega-size consulting firms, large corporations, the US Army Corps of Engineers, or even state and federal Supreme Courts. Dragun has “been there and done that”… successfully for 35 years.

Areas of Litigation Experience

  • Groundwater contamination—metals, VOCs, PFAS, petroleum products
  • Soil contamination—metals and organics
  • Groundwater and transport modeling
  • Fingerprinting and other forensic services
  • Flow in fractured media
  • Vapor intrusion
  • Conjunctive use of groundwater
  • Cases in Arizona, British Columbia, California, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Brunswick, Ohio, Ontario, Illinois, and Wisconsin

We use a variety of scientific tools, including forensic methods, to identify the source and movement of contaminants (photo credit: OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay).

Put powerful testimony in your corner

Dragun’s unique multi-disciplinary team of Ph.D. and Masters-level scientists and engineers, including:

  • Hydrogeologists
  • Geologists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Environmental Scientists

…who have also been university professors, public speakers, and/or published authors in their discipline. Their respective areas of expertise are honed by decades of academic and field experience in site characterization, assessment, remediation, regulatory compliance, and risk-based closures.

Experienced Expert Environmental Witness Services Support

Dragun’s scientists and engineers have provided expert support on a wide-range of contaminants (TCE, PERC, PFAS, BTEX, PCBs, Metals, Nitrates, and others) in air, soil, and groundwater from: Airports, AgribusinessAutomotive Companies, Aviation Companies, Chemical CompaniesCoal Ash Monofills, Dairy Farms, Dry Cleaners, Food Services, Landfills, Livestock Agriculture, Metal Finishers, Petroleum Storage (including Gas Stations), Spills from Tankers, Tire Manufacturing, Utilities, and more.

Critical analysis and communication is the key


“We talked to the jury and the testimony of both of you mattered and they were impressed.” – Lawyer


Dragun Corporation has built its litigation services on a foundation of critical analysis and forensic science that thoughtfully considers each aspect of the environmental issue. We review the existing data, collect new data when necessary, challenge interpretations, and ask the questions no one else has.

Our thorough understanding of the technical principles in our respective specialties allows Dragun to clearly communicate to a judge or jury the science and facts. Only when the judge or jury can clearly comprehend the whole picture can they confidently reach the correct conclusion.

Call on the best for expert witness services

With more than 100 litigation support projects completed, we are ready to assist you in matters ranging from conflict between adjacent property owners to federal-level cases involving the EPA or other government agencies.

Whenever an environmental issue puts your business on the line, you have a ready resource in Dragun.


“We recommend Dragun without hesitation to anyone needing litigation support for a case involving pollution of water or soil, or other environmental concerns.” – Lawyer


Environmental Litigation Support: Select Relevant Publications by Staff

To find out more about our expert environmental services, contact Senior Scientist, Jeffrey Bolin, M.S., CHMM.

“The jury returned a verdict in favor of our clients in excess of $19 million…We recommend Dragun without hesitation to anyone needing litigation support for a case involving pollution of water or soil, or other environmental concerns.” – Peter Hahn, Attorney, Buckingham, Doolittle, and Burroughs, LLP