Farmington Hills, MI, July 31, 2014 – The Department of Justice, in a precedent-setting move, agreed to pay 90 percent of the cost of a remedial investigation and feasibility study to develop a clean-up method for dealing with the trichloroethylene (TCE) contamination at a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS).  This investigation and feasibility study are estimated to cost
$9.4 million, with the federal government paying 90 percent and current property owners paying the balance.

The project in Salina, Kansas, involves The City of Salina along with three other parties collectively known as “the Public Entities.”  The Public Entities contracted with Dragun Corporation, an environmental advisory firm in Michigan, to complete the investigation and feasibility study to prepare a clean-up method for dealing with the TCE contamination.

Peer Review: TCE Contamination Not Understood

The current effort is a result of the Dragun Corporation conducting a peer review several years ago.  Dragun reviewed more than a decade of reports on the TCE contamination on the former Schilling Air Force Base.  Martha Tasker, Director of Utilities, City of Salina, said, “Dragun Corporation helped the Salina Public Entities understand the complexity of the groundwater contamination and identified numerous flaws with the prior technical work performed by other parties on behalf of the federal government.”

This current phase of the long-anticipated field work began in earnest in May 2014.  The sampling is being done so Dragun Corporation can complete its own investigation of the extent of TCE contamination in the ground under, and adjacent to, the former Air Force base.  In November 2013, Dragun and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment held a public meeting to explain the work it would be doing this year.

Protection of drinking water is central focus

As reported on KSNW TV, field work is now underway, including collection of indoor air samples.  City Manager, Jason Gage points out that previous site investigations had substantially miscalculated the groundwater flow rate and the time it would take for the contamination to reach the city’s water supply.  Click here to read and see more.

Jeff Bolin, Dragun’s senior vice president of technical operations, who has been involved with the project since 2005, praised the resolve of the Salina Public Entities to take control of the remedial investigation.  Jeff said that “Relying on the government to clean up the mess would take much longer.”  Jeff went on to say that “We’re proud to be providing the necessary, technical advice on this very important project.”

About Dragun Corporation:
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