Lamina Bronze is an international manufacturer and distributor of die sets and die components used in the production of tools, dies, molds, and equipment for metal working and plastics injection molding. Lamina was frustrated with the lack of an endpoint for their Resource Conservation and Recovery Act – Corrective Action (RCRA – CA).

  • Their consultant had spent years and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to generate “reams” of data trying to understand the site conditions.
  • Based on the data, Lamina believed that it was not even close to attaining the cleanup criteria and closing this ever-expanding project.
  • Furthermore, after years of effort, Lamina was frustrated because their consultant still did not understand groundwater flow rate and direction.
  • Finally, Lamina was surprised when their consultant informed them that it may cost another $5,000,000 to complete the RCRA-CA.

Upon advice of their legal counsel, Lamina asked The Dragun Corporation to conduct a peer review of the site investigation data.

  • First, we found that their consultant had applied the wrong cleanup criteria.
  • Second, we compared the existing data to the proper cleanup criteria. Then, we formulated a plan to quickly close the project and put an end to Lamina “bleeding money.”
  • Third, we collected additional data to fill in the gaps and properly understand site conditions.
  • Fourth, we closed the site using a risk-based approach to site closure, an approach the previous consultant never considered.
  • Fifth, we completed the project, not at a cost of $5,000,000, but for $1,520,000.

The Vice President & General Manager later wrote us a letter and said in part, “I am convinced that Dragun saved us millions of dollars by reducing the completion timeline and negotiating a fair and reasonable resolution with the EPA for the RCRA Corrective Action Project.”