On May 24, 1988, Dr. James Dragun, who spent five years working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C., and then worked for environmental consulting firms in California and Michigan, launched The Dragun Corporation (Dragun).

The late Dr. James Dragun was both a passionate scientist and a “budding” entrepreneur.  He was determined to establish an environmental consulting firm that was genuinely different.

The ensuing 30 years have fulfilled Dr. Dragun’s vision.  Dragun is recognized both formally (see below) and informally, through longevity and their global influence, as a group of exceptional and steadfast advisors.30th

Current President of Dragun, Peggy Miller, remembers those early days very well.  “Jim asked me to join him as he launched this new company, and honestly, had it been anyone other than Jim, I don’t think I would have said yes.  It has been a fascinating and rewarding 30 years!”

Ms. Miller said of Jim’s principled approach that still forms the foundation of the company today, “Jim took great pride in the application of scientific knowledge to find solutions.  He found treating projects as research efforts and the commoditization of advice both, while common, just unacceptable.”

Honoring the vision that was established three decades ago motivates not only Ms. Miller, but the entire team of environmental advisors at Dragun, whose average tenure at Dragun is about 20 years.

For the past several years, Dragun has been led by the senior management team that Jim chose.  From their two offices in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, they have continued to help solve some very unique environmental challenges.

In addition to their local projects, they have recently helped with a precedent-setting soil and groundwater assessment/remediation project in Salina, Kansas, assisted farmers in New Zealand with understanding nutrients in groundwater, and provided soil and groundwater assessment/remediation training for a staff of engineers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Just last year, Dragun was recognized for their excellence as they were the recipient of the (National) PSMJ Award for Client Satisfaction.

In closing, Ms. Miller said, “We are very aware that what we did 30 years ago, last year, or even yesterday is not what our clients are interested in; they want help on their projects today.  We remain keenly focused on the vision established decades ago, applying it today, and hiring bright, passionate associates to carry this mission forward for years to come.”