Farmington Hills, MI, November 13, 2014 – When groundwater is contaminated and a community’s drinking water is threatened, getting to a solution quickly is essential.  The critical task for the scientists and engineers is the remedial investigation (RI), that is, figuring out the subsurface geological and groundwater conditions and chemical distributions.  The RI must be thorough and complete before focusing on how to clean up the contamination.  RI’s take time and cost money.  Dragun Corporation set out to both increase accuracy of the RI data documentation and reduce the time to get the data into the hands of the people doing the data analysis.

Thanks to a new tool Dragun has developed for use on tablets, Dragun’s geologists no longer have to document soils with “pen and paper.” In fact, problems with note-taking in the rain, snow, and cold, and transcription problems for reports are “passé.”   Now the geologists select descriptions from drop-down menus and type in their other field observations on tablets.  Real-time data are forwarded with the internet connection in the field.  And, as a bonus, Dragun completes report-ready boring logs in 1/6th the time needed previously.

Environmental Assessment Innovation Being Used to Protect Drinking Water

Dragun Corporation is now using tablets in the field to facilitate a very large RI at a Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS) in Salina, Kansas.  This multi-million dollar RI involves characterizing the site geology, groundwater conditions, and distributions of legacy industrial chemicals such as trichloroethylene (TCE), perchloroethylene (PCE), and carbon tetrachloride.  These chemicals, which were released decades ago, have reached the source waters of the local drinking-water supply.

The geology at Salina is complex.  This is becoming even more evident as Dragun completed more than 250 soil borings (while documenting the soils on tablets) during the past two months.  To expedite and optimize the investigation, Dragun is gathering data in real time so it can focus the location of the next day’s borings where the data lead.

Federal Government is funding the FUDS investigation

Dragun Corporation assisted their Salina clients in gaining control of this FUDS project (previously run by the US Army Corps of Engineers).  This control was important to the Salina community leaders, as the project had previously received inadequate funding and attention.  Most importantly, for the first time, the Federal Government has paid the majority (90%) of the cost up front.

About Dragun Corporation

For over 25 years, Dragun Corporation has provided world-class environmental consulting expertise and an innovative approach to site assessment and environmental remediation.  Dragun Corporation has built a solid reputation with clients across North America and around the globe.  Companies and municipalities, large and small, count on Dragun Corporation (Dragun) to help them stay environmentally compliant, save money, and avoid unnecessary remediation and litigation.

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